The cost of the waterproof cameras in the market is based on not only their features, but colors offered. When checking out the bestselling cameras, they’re are a few of the brands that are in the top ten bestselling waterproof camera in the marketplace. Additionally, the more popular colors among a particular cost more than the least popular colors.

For example the Orange Panasonic Lumix TS4 is $260.95) priced lower than the Blue Panasonic Lumix TS4 which is priced nine dollars higher although it is not in the top 10 bestselling waterproof cameras. The Silver Panasonic Lumix TS4 is also priced higher than the orange TS4 model. What’s also interesting with the Panasonic models is that an older model, the TS3 is priced higher than the TS4, new model. This could be based on the fact that consumers that purchased the TS3 have reported that image and video quality is better than the feature rich current model. This fact and demand could make the older model more expensive even though it may not have the updated features.

It appears that consumers not only want a feature rich camera, but one that also looks good. Some of the popular camera colors are blue, orange and black. What’s also interesting is that consumers will purchase older models rather than a new model of a particular brand in order to have the coolest color. Camera users not only like to discuss how unique their camera is but also be able to show off the cool color. In some situations consumers will pay more for a particular brand model in order to have the color they want.

There are some brands of waterproof cameras that will cost the same no matter the color that is chosen. However, you may pay more for your camera if the color you want is in high demand.