Fujifilm XP 200This is a big camera. The Fujifilm XP 200 appears large because of its 3 inch display screen and the perceived bulkiness of the outer rubber material to help with shock absorption. This makes it one of the members of the tough and rugged digital cameras and it also inspires confidence for the user that it will be able to survive the roughest of drops. The XP 200 debuted in May 2013 and appears to have been an upgrade to the Fujifilm XP 100 and 150. The Fujifilm XP 200 was introduced as a compact rugged camera with built-in Wi-Fi. The new wireless feature allows transfer of photos and movies to smartphones, tablets and computers. Users can also upload images to social networking sites in seconds. Wi-Fi capability is not an in-camera feature, but users can only connect through their wireless network and by installing Fujifilm software on your smartphone or tablet to be able to upload or view photos on the devices. There is no built-in GPS or geo-tagging, you will have to download location data from your smartphone with the Fujifilm software app. Location data can then be added to your photos as they are being taken. This model is waterproof down to 50 feet, shockproof to 6.6 feet, freezeproof to 14°F and dustproof. The XP200 also has a newly redesigned battery door lock with double seals for enhanced protection from the elements. It has an improved 16MP CMOS Shift Image Stabilization, 3.0 inch 920K dot LCD monitor, 5x optical zoom, performs full HD 1080i (60fps) movie capture as well as a high speed movie recording at up to 240fps for slow motion playback. The LCD monitor has been treated with an anti-reflective coating to ensure visibility, even in bright sunlight. LCD monitor brightness is automatically adjusted in response to lighting conditions for optimal visibility and to prevent battery drain. The XP 200 also can perform Motion Panorama 360 and allows photos with a 3D effect.

Fujifilm Finepix XP 200 Features

  • 3 inch, 940K dots, TFT color LCD monitor
  • 16 MP CMOS Optical Sensor
  • Waterproof to 50 ft., Shockproof to 6.6 ft., Freeze proof to 14°F and Dustproof
  • Wireless Image Transfer to smartphones & tablets
  • Wi-Fi connectivity to PCs (for easy image backup)
  • 5x optical zoom lens with approx. 2x digital zoom (up to approx. 10x, with Intelligent Digital Zoom)
  • Full HD movie recording (1920 x 1080i) with a dedicated Movie Recording Button
  • High Speed Video Recording (Record Slow Motion Video)
  • Continuous shooting mode 10fps at full resolution (max. 9 frames)
  • Dedicated “Burst mode” button for action shots
  • Battery life: 300 photos
  • Built-in Memory, 39 MB
  • Memory Card Type: SD, SDHC, SDXC
  • Connectivity:  USB, micro HDMI
  • Dimensions: 4.6 inches x 2.8 inches x 1.2 inches
  • Weight: 8.2 oz
  • Camera Colors: Blue, Yellow, Black & Red

What’s In The Box

  • Fujifilm XP 200
  • Wrist strap
  • USB cable
  • AC Power Adapter
  • Li-ion Battery
  • CD-ROM Software
  • Owner’s Manual

Fujifilm XP 200
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Feature Descriptions

Tough Features

The XP 200 is built to be rugged for those involved in active lifestyles. It has a sturdy build with a lot of thought going into making sure it would be safe from bumps, scrapes and water leakage. In fact, the outer covering accounts for the size of the camera along with the display monitor. The areas covered will help users if it is dropped and also when gripping the camera while underwater.  Although, the manufacturer has taken great care with the sealing against water, users report some have experienced water leakage inside the camera. This usually causes malfunctioning to occur.  This camera is a bit larger and heavier than the recent models introduced by Fujifilm and at times is described as “bulky.”  The tough features include Waterproof to depths of 50ft (15m), Shockproof to height of 6.6 ft (2.0 m), Freezeproof to 14°F(-10°C), and Dustproof.

3.0 inch LCD Monitor

The XP 200’s display monitor has an anti-reflective coating that makes viewing images and movies clear, even in bright sunlight. It also helps to propel water from the lens so there will not be that smudge factor from wiping water from the lens. The screen also features an automatic brightness adjustment feature  which can be optimized to monitor brightness to account for ambient lighting, which saves battery power without sacrificing clarity.

16MP CMOS Sensor and Optical Image Stabilization

16 million pixels CMOS sensor makes even dark scenes bright for high-quality images. It is also equipped with CMOS Shift Control Stabilization that captures images that are sharp and clear, even in challenging low-light conditions. There is also the internal 5x optical zoom lens that allows users to get close to the action, even under water. Fujifilm also has what it calls Intelligent Digital Zoom, which can double the zoom range to 10x without the loss of image quality.

Burst Mode Button for Ease in Taking Action Shots

The XP 200 supports continuous shooting mode for action shots you may want to capture. There is a dedicated “Burst Mode Button” on the camera that allows users to switch to this mode immediately without having to search through menu options to activate it. There is also a LED light on the front of the camera that provides extra light for focusing subjects and also helps in capturing clear videos.

Full HD Movie Recording (1080i/60fps)

Users will enjoy video recording in Full HD (1,920 x 1,080i) and also being able to display them on a HD ready monitor. The XP 200 records in 1080i. Users should be aware that there are two types of video, interlaced (i) and progressive (p). Interlaced works by flashing alternate layers of pixels on to the screen twice every frame. It’s this style of projection you can see if you film a computer screen and it flickers. The progressive style refreshes each pixel simultaneously. There’s been arguments that progressive is smoother than interlaced but a lot of televisions still work by interlacing. Because of this, it means using this camera to record video, it will be instantly compatibility. There is also a dedicated movie recording button that makes it easy to switch to movie recording mode with a single touch. Additionally, the XP 200 can perform high-speed video recording, which means you can record slow-motion video. For example, the Fujifilm FinePix XP200 runs video at 60fps (frames per second), whereas video normally runs around 30fps. Because the frames are being doubled, it doubles the amount of frames you want to squeeze into one second of filming, which means it will take twice as long to show it. Hence, slow motion video.

3D Shooting with “Individual Shutter 3D”

The XP 200 comes with the ability to produce 3D photos. Two exposures of the same scene are saved in Multi-Picture Format (MPO) to create images that appear to have been shot in real 3D. An overlapping guide on the LCD screen makes it easy for users to create 3D effects. The camera also comes with Motion Panorama 360” mode, users just press the shutter button and sweep the camera to pan the scene and capture that panoramic view.

Consumer Reviews

This camera had an average rating of 4.2 stars out of 5, 87% (includes 3 star ratings) of consumers rated the Fujifilm XP 200 as a great camera for land and underwater use. Users had no problems with the quality of video and images. One stated the only problem was shutter speed that caused some of the photos to be blurry. Other than that, most of the positive ratings were very complimentary of  the features and functionality of this camera. Obviously, the higher the rating the better the review. The consumers that rated the XP 200 3 stars complained more about image quality than anything else. However, users also had a problem with such features as quality of video recordings,  noise from auto focus (user states it has a “mute” option that silences all the sounds from the camera) and WiFi. The number of users that could appreciate the operational aspects of the this model certainly outnumber those who had some trouble being able to utilize the camera for their needs.  Click here to read more consumer reviews for this model.

Average Consumer Rating On Amazon: 4.2


  • Sturdy and durable build
  • Image quality is excellent
  • Works great on land and underwater
  • Intuitive, easy to learn how to operate
  • Camera feels durable with good rubber plastic construction
  • Bulky, but worth it


  • HD movies this camera creates instead of being in a normal 1080p/30 format are in a 1080i/60 format. For the most part interlaced movie formats have been obsolete for years. What this means is that if you wish to use these movies for anything other than basic playback where most media players will automatically de-interlace the format, then you will have to convert them using software such as handbrake to a standard format; this is time consuming and tedious
  • Water leakage  in two feet of water; camera malfunctioned afterwards, unusable
  • Indoor lighting picture quality was unacceptable
  • May overheated when shooting video in weather over 75 degrees
  • Videos shoot for a length of about 21 minutes each
  • Poor image quality
  • Slow shutter speed

Fujifilm XP 200


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The XP 200 like other waterproof digital cameras is considered to deliver what it says it will. Most consumers praised it’s awesome images and video along with the ability to transfer their photos using WiFi via a software app from the manufacturer. Most consumers feel they are getting a quality camera for the price, although since it is an older model, it is a bit expensive, but that is due to the features. Most users enjoy the use of the camera and describe the fun they have being able to take it snorkeling or in the pool to shoot video and photos alike.  The features that were popular to most users was the panoramic capability, WiFi transfer, battery life,ease of use and of course the ruggedness of the camera in regards to being “fourproof.” You will find that the XP 200 is more expensive than the new XP 70 on Amazon. I think that is because of its features (checkout my XP  camera comparison chart). If you want a camera that will function at an acceptable level and take advantage of the new technology, such as WiFi, this model would be a good choice. If you want Fuji’s current model, the XP 70 with WiFi, it is also a good choice for the money. I believe the XP 200 is more expensive because of the following features:

  • 3 inch LCD display monitor
  • 3D photo capability
  • High Speed Video Recording
  • Waterproof Depth of 50 feet
  • WiFI with no geo-tagging ability for transferring photos and video to social media sites


In this video, the Fujifilm XP 200 is being reviewed. It features a compact and portable body with some good features that allows users to save their special memories in video or photo. It is easy to use for casual shooting and outdoor adventures whether on land or underwater. Checkout the Fujifilm XP 200 waterproof digital camera video below.

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