The GoPole REACH is a telescoping extension pole built for action and engineered for strength and durability. Its compact size makes it perfect for traveling and can be placed in most backpacks and GoPole Reach Telescoping Extension Polecarry-on luggage. It has twist extension locks that allow GoPole REACH to extend and lock to any length between 17-40 inches.

This accessory allows users to be able to reach locations that are difficult to get to with the GoPro camera. For example, users can extend their photo and video abilities by being able to get closer to the action, capturing unique angles and being able to shoot steadier footage. The GoPole is considered to be lightweight and durable.

GoPole Reach Pole Features

  • Compatibility : Fits all GoPro Hero Cameras
  • Durability: Aluminum, Plastic, Rubber, Stainless Hardware
  • Waterproof: Water-Resistant & Weatherproof, but does not float; Salt and Fresh Waterproof (will not rust)
  • Unique Feature : Secure Locking Mechanism; Great for Capturing 180° Point of View (POV) shots
  • Extension: Twist and extend pole then twist to lock in place;  extension locks to 40 inches
  • Compact : Retracts 17″, Extends 40″
  • Mount: Plastic tripod mount
  • Lightweight : 8 ounces; Rubber grip & Adjustable Wrist Strap

What’s In The Box

  •  GoPole Reach Telescoping Extension Pole
  •  Wrist-Strap


  • Durable and light weight
  • Great for taking family selfies
  • Sturdy when fully extended
  • Really good grip handle
  • Made for extreme sports and a action packed lifestyle, can take a beating
  • Materials are of excellent quality, very solid, very firm when fully extended
  • The screws hold tightly, the extension tightens down well and it is sturdy.
  • Love the white color, doesn’t interfere with videos and photos taken
  • No need to fully extend each telescoping section in order to lock, it can be locked at any length you want
  • Customer states, “. . . the build quality is exceptional! It has a nice bicycle-like grip that will likely never wear out. It collapses for travel and is very lightweight. When extended, the sections twist to lock into place, so that there is no wobble at the joints. It has a standard GoPro mount at the end, so there is no need to attach a GoPro tripod mount like is required for many inferior monopods. THE GoPole REACH is rust resistant! That’s my favorite feature because I do a lot of filming in saltwater.”


  • White finish may chip off with use
  • Pole loses ability to lock into place
  • Poor customer service; For Example: Customer states, “The metal acorn nut that the thumbscrew goes into was not secured on the product came off while skiing and was lost. GoPole customer service responded to my warranty claim stating that they did not replace lost or stolen parts. It would have never been lost if it was properly secured to the product!”
  • One of the three plastic tines on the tripod mount snapped off while tightening the thumb screw; wasn’t turned very tight, must stabilize camera and movement of camera
  • Lost camera after tripod mount broke off, all is left is the pole
  • After three weeks, constantly struggling to keep pole together; wrist strap came off very easily and also the screw needed to hold the GoPro in place
  • First time extending the pole broke both top and middle joint holding pole together, poles fell to the ground with a cheap glue residual
  • The grip came apart from the pole while wakeboarding (surface water sport which involves riding a wakeboard), GoPro Hero 3 Black sank to the bottom attached to the pole, while the grip was still in the customer’s hand; appears only glue is used to keep the grip attached, be cautious when using this pole and make sure you either have an additional strap or floaty on your camera
  • Takes on water that sprays out when you collapse extension pole
  • Customer states, “One of the 3 plastic tips (the one with the nut on it) broke off when the pole was in my suitcase during a flight. (This is not an item you try to bring onto a plane). The first time I used it, I swam in salt water. The GoPole took in saltwater, so I rinsed it and dried it, but after the saltwater swim, it is far more difficult to get the tubes to “lock” into each other.”
  • Customer states, “I was filming a salmon under water from the the side of the boat. The pole slipped out of itself and in half. Luckily, I had tied a safety line from my GoPro to myself. Otherwise, it would have sunk to the ocean floor. I re-glued it together and now works fine.”
  • After a day of using the expansion pole, the glue from the locking mechanism failed and the inner poles were able to slide freely up and down; not sure if the moisture from being in the snow affected the pole or just from locking and unlocking it into certain positions
  • The “locking system” is difficult to use and does not work that well; in future purchase, would prefer to buy expansion pole that has the traditional locking system used in tripods
  • Wrist strap pulled out from bottom of handle; the clasp inside the pole was just a tension clasp and not connected to the pole like you would see on a camera; Update:  After contacting GoPole about the strap, they sent me a new pole to replace the broken one; sent out ASAP
  • Longer final compressed length, will not fit into backpack
  • There is a problem with the 3rd section and the mid-section; when twisting to tighten the 3rd section, there is still a bit of slack left at the joint in the lateral direction. This makes the camera vibrate a bit when you shake the pole, which is quite annoying
  • Wrist strap is attached to the rubber handle and feels cheap and flimsy
  • The diameter of each of the telescoping tubes are significantly larger, which should make the pole more resistant to bending upon impact (i.e., if you happen to fall on it)
  • Not impressed with the quality of pole; twist lock on the top (thinnest) section on pole didn’t work upon removing from package; sliding movement even with all the sections untwisted and unlocked was very rough and jerky
  • GoPole kind of heavy during use
  • Plastic tripod mount is held onto pole with one rivet which cause a little rattle in video, it is apparent and noise can be heard over video
  • When camera is tilted 90° it’s not a true 90° and points upward a few degrees, causing many shots to be too high; difficult to compensate for this underwater
  • Too long even when not extended
  • Extension doesn’t work well with sand; took to beach and now can’t wash out minor grains of sand in the extensions; now pole will not extend and retract
  • Do not trust wrist safety strap; extension pole being held by strap on user’s wrist when the strap separated from the pole and camera went straight to the bottom (some body of water)

What Do Customers Say?

Most of the customers that purchased the GoPro REACH Extension Pole with some exceptions, were happy with their purchase. The comments by customers that were not happy with the pole has been captured in the CONs portion of this post. Most of the customers who rated the pole four stars or less had some type of issue with it. Some of which involved the plastic tripod mount tines breaking, the locking mechanism of the expansion tubes or the fact that the expansion tubes would separate from the pole and have to be glued back in place.

Some also reported customer service as being difficult to receive refunds or exchanges when parts on the pole did not work as designed or were damaged during use or by accident. There were 145 people (at this writing) who rated the Reach extension pole three stars (average) or better, which means 80% of the customers who bought this pole recommended purchase. For more customer reviews, please checkout the page HEREOverall, customer ratings for the GoPro REACH Extension Pole is 4.1.

GoPole offers another popular extension pole, the GoPole EVO – 26″ Transparent Extension Pole for GoPro HERO Cameras. This monopod is transparent and floats. It is considered to be durable and extremely lightweight weighing in at 4 ounces. It is also 100 percent fresh and salt waterproof. It is also important to note that the pole is not retractable, it is a static pole at 26 inches in length. Most consumers like it because it is easy to use and because of it’s transparency it does not stand out like a sore thumb in video and photos.

The manufacturer reports that when capturing 180° POV angles of yourself, the transparent design of the GoPole EVO makes it seemingly disappear in photos & videos.  It has a 100% waterproof design which makes it great for watersport enthusiasts & divers alike.  The GoPole EVO floats all GoPro Cameras & Accessories and is waterproof rated up to 200ft. The EVO extension pole has a 4.4 consumer rating with 83% of users recommending purchase.

That’s A Good Question!

Q: Can this extension pole and a different attachment be used for other point and shoot type digital cameras?
A:  This pole is specific to the GoPro camera mounts. A standard mount for another camera would not work without having the GoPro Camera Tripod Adapter Mount GTRA30. If you use the adapter mount in addition to this extension pole, any camera would attach without a problem.  Note: Not sure this is a true statement. All information I have found regarding this adapter states it will allow the GoPro camera to fasten to any standard tripod, from a gorillapod to a full sized tripod.

Q: Can this (GoPole REACH Extension Pole) be used with the GoPro or can it be used with the Intova as well? Does it only come with GoPro fitting or is there a screw on end?
A: The end of the pole is slotted to connect GoPro cameras only. The tripod mount attachment at the end of the pole is not supposed to be removable. GoPole does not offer a replacement part if the original is damaged. As long as your camera has a female thread receiver, it will work. Only down side is you won’t be able to tilt/angle your camera, unless you have a pivot bracket of some sort for your Intova camera.

Q: Can the EVO be taken on the plane, placed in overhead luggage bin or placed in check-in luggage?
A:  The EVO can be placed in a backpack, but may protrude about 1/4.  It does not fit inside carry-on luggage, but using in a backpack shouldn’t be a problem if it doesn’t bother you that it will stick out a few inches because of it’s length and the fact that it does not retract.

GoPole REACH - Extension Pole 17-40"

My Assessment

I am really impressed with the extension poles functionality. The ability to be able to extend the capabilities of the GoPro camera is really neat, something I haven’t really thought about until I kept seeing information about the extension poles. After viewing videos on how the extension poles allow users to get close to the action, being able to capture unique angles and being able to shoot steady video footage. Users can also shoot subjects with stability and precision or flip the camera around on the swivel head to capture 180 degree POV (Point of view) angles of yourself, in other words, users can take great self portraits without the arm strain.

After reviewing the extension poles, I must say I am drawn to the Sandmarc Pole (See Review Here) because of it’s functionality, cost and of course, good customer service always helps.  I really liked the locking mechanism of the extension pole and the fact that the exterior finish was black. It seems to go well with the GoPro camera. Although, the Sandmarc pole is a bestseller, I think people wanting to buy this extension pole may notice that it is not in the same product category as the GoPole, but in Underwater Photography Cameras.  So, you may have to do a search for it in order to find it.


The video below reviews the Go Pro Reach Pole from GoPro. It allows you to get some truly unique shots with your GoPro, be it from snowboarding, or even your casual vlogging! It’s compact, strong, sturdy and very reliable.

GoPole REACH - Extension Pole 17-40"


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