Best Waterproof Camera_Nikon Coolpix AW100The best waterproof camera reviewers have found a camera that is designed to meet all your needs if you’re an outdoors person or participate in adventures that involved water, snow or roughing it on a hike or mountain climb. The Nikon Coolpix AW100 is being touted as one of the best waterproof cameras on the market. It has some neat features that really make this camera a serious contender.

The Coolpix AW100 is waterproof, shockproof, freezeproof and easy to use which means it can be taken on all the most exciting and thrilling adventures you can possibly think of to actively engage in. This camera is so awesome as one of the best waterproof cameras because of its 5x Zoom-NIKKOR ED glass lens and a 16.0-MP CMOS sensor that can record low-light and fast-action photos, plus users can record Full HD (1080p) movies.  The Coolpix AW100 allows users to capture action pictures and movies while the action is taking place. You won’t have to wait for the camera to respond, you just have to turn it on and point and shoot.  Checkout the most current price of the Coolpix AW 100!

Why the Coolpix AW100 is considered one of the best waterproof cameras is because while on the road, users can take advantage of the GPS and Electronic compass that is included on the camera. The GPS can be used to geo tag photographs taken so you can remember the location where the picture occurred. If that’s enough, the camera comes with a 3-inch monitor, the new Action Control that easily allows the user to adjust settings if they are wearing gloves. This camera is just as rugged as you want it to be because it is built to withstand the most rigorous of activities and bumping about.

The AW100 can handle all that Mother Nature can throw at it. Take it diving to depths of up to 33-feet. Shoot at temperatures as cold as 14° F. And don’t sweat drops of up to five feet. Whether it’s in your hand, mounted to a surfboard, clipped on a backpack or attached to a scuba tank, every twist, splash, dive and crash can be recorded in both still and Full HD (1080p) movies. Plus, Nikon’s new Action Control brings fast and easy operation to gloved hands. The AW100 lets you capture every thrilling moment from inside the action—not the sidelines.  Take a look at the awesome features this camera offers for the adventure enthusiast.

 Coolpix AW100 Technical Details

  • 16 MP CMOS Sensor
  • 5x Zoom Lens – 28-140mm 35mm Equivalent
  • 3.0″ LCD Display
  • Waterproof to 33′ Deep
  • Shockproof for Drops Up to 5′
  • Full HD 1080p Video with Stereo Sound
  • GPS Data Logging and E-Compass Function
  • Built-In Map Displayed on LCD
  • 20 Scene Modes Inc. Underwater Scene
  • Action Control – Shake to Set a Function
  • Storage Media: SD memory card, SDHC memory card or SDXC memory card
  • Internal Memory:  Approx. 83MB

16 MP CMOS Sensor:  The Coolpix AW 100 CMOS sensor provides users with the ability to be able to shoot photos in low light, fast action and challenging shooting conditions. Even underwater photos are just as good as those taken on land. Images produced are of exceptional quality complimented with a decrease in the amount of “noise” (tiny specks of random color that may appear in images) in the photograph that users may experience with other cameras.

Full HD (1080p) movies with stereo sound: The Coolpix AW100 records video in QuickTime format at 1080p30 resolution and is capable of zoom in and out while recording.  Video quality is good, details are sharp and colors accurate.  The camera supports standard SD, SDHC, and SDXC memory cards and can connect to an HDTV via mini HDMI or to a computer via a proprietary USB port. Attach the AW100 to your gear, and with a single touch of the control you can create an action filled Full HD (1080p) movie with stereo sound.

Water-proof, shock-proof and freeze-proof:  The AW100 can be taken diving to depths of up to 33-feet. Users can shoot photographs at temperatures as cold as 14° F and do not have to worry about dropping the camera because it is so rugged that it can handle accidental drops up to 5-feet. If you’re wanting to record a video, it doesn’t matter if the camera is in your hand, mounted to a surfboard, clipped on a backpack or attached to a scuba tank, everything and anything can be recorded in both still and Full HD (1080p) movie.

Push and Rotate Lock: Waterproof Security: Nikon in making an attempt to keep the camera’s most significant parts sealed and watertight, placed a push-and-rotate lock on the end of the camera that seals the battery and SD card from damage.  Underneath the push-and-rotate lock is a yellow cover that closes on top of the battery and memory card compartment. Once the lock is closed and secured, the user will hear a click which can provides confidence that the contents are secure.

CoolpixAW100 Action Control: Nikon’s new Action Control brings fast and easy operation of the Coolpix AW100 if the user has on gloves.  The AW100 has the usual control buttons on the rear of the camera, but what makes it one of is that Nikon placed an Action Control button on the side of the camera the best waterproof cameras that can be used by those wearing gloves. For example, when accessed, the button allows the user to shake the camera or move it from side to side in order to view menu contents. This camera is designed for just about any user because of the features and ease of use.

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  • Photographs are sharp and colors accurate
  • Large LCD display
  • GPS and compass functions, users can geo tag photos and later display them on a map
  • Compact, camera can be taken anywhere and fits in your shirt pocket
  • Offers great environmental seals and ability to take abuse, never have to worry about water, dust, or small spills
  • GPS and compass feature seem to run the battery down faster, but they can be turned off.  Battery life (with GPS turned OFF) is excellent
  • Push and rotate lock on the Coolpix AW100 inspires confidence in knowing that it’s properly sealed


  • So-so low-light performance
  • Limited zoom range, intended more for close ups or landscapes
  • Focus issues when recording video and difficulty re-acquiring focus after zooming
  • Images found to become “nosier” as the camera’s sensitivity to light (measured as ISO) is increased

Here’s what one owner had to say about the Nikon Coolpix AW100

K. Chua states, “Excellent camera! I’ve been looking at waterproof and tough camera for over a year now… and I eventually chose this one! I did a lot of research (including Canon, Pentax, Olympus) and eventually narrowed it down to . . . “ The review is paraphrased for size.  Read the entire review here.   

Another owner, A. Montgomery made the following remarks about the Coolpix AW100, “I have had this camera a few days now and have been very impressed with the tests I’ve put it through thus far. This camera does everything Nikon says it will and does them all wonderfully.” The review is paraphrased for size. Read the entire review here.

What’s In The Box

  • Coolpix AW100
  • Wrist Strap
  • USB Cable
  • Audio/Visual Cable
  • Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
  • Battery Charger
  • Filter Attachment
  • Reference Manual CD

Is The Nikon Coolpix AW100 Worth The Purchase?

Best waterproof camera reviewers found that the Coolpix AW100 is considered an excellent offering from Nikon in the rugged outdoor camera market. The camera has some great features with the most popular being the GPS and compass, Action Support button and the exceptional quality of the camera’s still photos and video recordings. The Coolpix AW100 is a very popular waterproof camera because of its features and performance. It is priced to where it won’t hurt your budget or break the bank. Take a look at the Nikon Coolpix AW100 now because it is in limited quantities.


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