Olympus TG 320The best waterproof camera reviewers found the new Olympus Tough TG-320, which is an upgrade to the TG-310. Although, the cameras basically have the same features, what’s different in the TG-320 is that it offers the user 3D imagery that can be viewed on a 3D enabled TV; the camera has in-camera panoramic ability and a faster shutter speed. However, some consumers believe the Olympus Tough TG-310 is still the better camera of the two because of its continuous shooting mode when taking action packed photos.

The Olympus Tough TG-320 has basically received an upgrade to its software which makes it more versatile than the older model and being able to stay in step with the latest trends in waterproof cameras. In addition to the software improvement, the TG-320 has the same 14MP resolution and 2.7 inch LCD display. It is built to be tough and users can take it just about anywhere without worrying about it getting damaged.  The TG-320 has a waterproof depth of 10 feet, shockproof at 5 feet, freezeproof down to 14°F and sealed just right to ensure that the camera is also dustproof.

Any videos that you shoot will be HD at 720P and you can enjoy playback on a HD TV.  The camera has 4x digital zoom and is powered by a rechargeable battery which Olympus reports is good for up to 300 shots.  If you’re looking for a camera without all the bells and whistles where you just want to capture those special photo moments this could be the camera for you. It does what it is advertised to do, but photos and video are not of professional quality, but are acceptable for recording events and family and friends photos.   The Olympus Tough TG-320 is not the most powerful or durable waterproof camera available but for many people it will provide just the right balance between picture quality and camera usefulness for the entire family.

Key Specs for the Olympus Tough TG-320  Waterproof Digital Camera

  • Release Year: 2012
  • Resolution: 14 MP
  • LCD Display Size: 2.7
  • Sensor:  CCD
  • Zoom:   3.6x  Optical    4x: Digital Zoom
  • Waterproof Depth: 10 feet
  • Shockproof:   5 feet
  • Freezeproof:  14°F
  • Dustproof
  • Internal Memory 19.5MB; 300 photos
  • Video Resolution: 720P
  • Power supply:  Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Pack
  • Memory Card:  SD/SDHC/SDXC
  • Dimensions (WxHxD) 3.79 x 2.50 x 0.89
  • Weight:  5.47 oz
  • Camera  Color Choices:  Blue and Red

 What’s In The Box

  • Olympus Tough TG-320 Digital Camera
  • USB Cable & Charger
  • Instruction Manual & Software CD
  • Audio/Video Cable
  • Wrist Strap
  • Lithium-Ion Battery

Olympus  Tough TG-320 Feature Descriptions

Waterproof (10FT)
The TG-320 comes with a system of waterproof seals and gaskets designed to keep water out of the camera for use as deep as 10 feet underwater.

Shockproof (5FT)
A rugged body and shock-absorbing construction are designed to withstand a 5-foot drop, bump, or other mishap.

3D Image Capture

The CCD image sensor captures detailed photos including 3D images and 720p high def video even underwater. Olympus’ 3D technology shoots two pictures and combines them into one image for a dramatic effect when viewed on a 3D device.

HD Video With HDMI Output & Control
A one-touch designated video recording button allows users to record videos in high-definition. HDMI output and control allows for video playback on a HD television.

Easy To Use
The Tough TG-320 features a 2.7 inch LCD display screen which is put to good use. The menu appears on the screen, and is extremely intuitive.

Panorama Mode
The Tough TG-320 has a panoramic setting that allows users to take two or three photos and merge them side by side for that perfect panoramic landscape.

One Touch HD Movie
The one touch HD movie setting allows users to toggle from camera mode to video mode and back again at the touch of a button.

Dual Image Stabilization
Dual Image Stabilization helps with achieving fast shutter speeds to capture crisp, clear images in any situation.

Intelligent Auto
Automatically identifies the scene you’re shooting — up to 30 different scene modes including Portrait, Landscape, Night + Portrait, Macro or Sports — and adjusts the settings for ideal results.

Beauty Mode
Beauty Mode takes beautiful portraits by softening shadows and smoothing wrinkles and blemishes on your subject’s face. Edits can also be made inside the camera after taking the picture.

Magic Art Filters
Express your creativity with up to 12 special effects for your photos & HD movies. Choose from Pop Art, Pin Hole, Drawing, Fish Eye, Soft Focus, Punk, Watercolor, Miniature, Sparkle, Reflection, Dramatic and Fragmented.

Olympus Tough TG-320 Digital Camera: The Pros

  • The TG-320 is easy to use and the menu is not difficult get through. Although some users expressed frustration because the camera does not come with a manual or users grew tired of having to review the menu when necessary via computer.
  • Panorama Mode
  • One Touch HD Movie button:  dedicated video capture button is always ready to record.
  • Awesome for snorkelling, boating, and swimming.
  • The camera lives up to its “tough” name. The camera held up under being played with by the kids, being dropped a few times and being handled in the sand all without an issue. The picture quality is good, but not great.
  • HD video is fantastic, much better quality than anticipated.
  • For the cost, a great value.
  • Tough features: Waterproof, Dustproof, Shockproof and Freezeproof
  • Dual IS keeps images clear even while using telephoto.

Olympus Tough TG-320 Digital Camera: The Cons

  • Durability: The Tough TG-320 is a sturdy and durable compact digital camera. Because of the water depth limitations, the camera’s waterproof feature is only really suitable for pool use and shallow swimming. Its waterproof capabilities extend to 10 feet depths and only for one hour at a time. The Tough TG-320 is also shockproof and won’t damage easily if handled roughly.
  • Battery Charger:  One user suggests purchasing a separate charger and battery because the battery has to be in the camera while being charged. Each battery lasts about 1 .5 hours of underwater use.
  • Speed: It takes too long from the time the shutter button is pressed and when the photo is actually taken. The subject has moved by the time the shutter actually takes the photograph.  The camera is slow to focus, slow to shoot and slow to operate.
  • Zoom:  When using the zoom, the photos are fuzzy.
  • Flash: When using the flash on low light shots, the subject has a tendency to be slightly faded out in the photo.
  • Screen: can be difficult to see while underwater.
  • Poor battery life: Olympus claims the TG-320’s battery will allow users to capture up to 300 images on a charge. However, one reviewer of the camera stated only 118 images were captured and a few short videos before the battery died.

 See What Consumers are Saying about the Olympus Tough TG-320

Yes, It IS Waterproof!! . . .I have been searching for an affordable waterproof camera for over a year now and the most common thing I kept running into were reviews saying that a supposedly “waterproof” camera was anything but.  I saw this one at the discount club decided to purchase it . . . Review paraphrased. Read entire review here.   This buyer also attached images taken with the camera. Please click here to view them.

Great Camera to Bring Along. . . This is a great camera. I took it along with me on a fly fishing trip.  It took great pictures of the surrounding scenery and fish that we caught. It is also an amazing underwater camera.  Review paraphrased. Read entire review here.

Is the Olympus Tough TG-320 Digital Camera Worth Buying?

I would say yes.  Although the TG-320 is one of the Olympus tough cameras, but most users do not consider it tough because it has only the minimal tough features such as the water depth for being waterproof. While ideal for a family day out, this is not the camera for extensive snorkeling or diving.  You can do it, but be advised some consumers have reported camera failure after using it underwater at a depth of three feet.

If you need a camera to take rapid photos and to do it quickly, this may not be the camera for you. If, however, you need a camera that is sturdy enough to deal with the exertions of an active day or for some fun in the pool, the Olympus Tough TG-320 could be the camera that fits your needs.  Check-out the latest prices and information on the Olympus Tough TG-320 at Amazon.

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