sandmarc pole - black editionHow many of you love taking those popular selfies with your your tablet, smartphone or camera? You notice how close you have to get because more than likely your arms are too short? Well, enter the Sandmarc Pole – Black Edition telescoping extension pole.

Are you aware of the number of accessories for the popular digital camera GoPro one of which is an extension pole for taking photos. Now, if you are just the normal consumer, the terms may not mean anything to you. However, to those that are into action sports and activities, the name means more flexibility for them to be able to capture those special moments.

For example, the GoPro extension poles allows those daredevils to be able to snap selfies of themselves while engaging in activities such as surfing, snorkeling, snowboarding, skiing and even skateboarding! It’s great to have an extension pole because it helps the user to share the thrill of the activity, the beauty of their surroundings and all the action occurring at the time.

I realize this pole is geared for the GoPro Hero camera line. However, it is such a popular accessory for the action packed digital camera that I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to review it. Plus, what’s also exciting is that it is the number one Bestseller on Amazon. What I’ve found is that most consumers are confused on which telescoping pole to purchase for their GoPro Hero line of cameras. Unfortunately, these monopods are only manufactured for the GoHero cameras.  Most consumers may lean toward the GoPole REACH – Telescoping Extension Pole because of the name. It closely hints at being affiliated with the GoPro camera manufacturer, but it is made by a different company, GoPole Mounts & Accessories.  The Sandmarc pole is a bestseller because of quality and price.

There are an assortment of extension poles that are compatible with the GoPro digital camera, but the GoPole and Sandmarc poles seem to be the most popular. The later has received some really good consumer reviews, the Sandmarc Pole – Black Edition, is not only a favorite with consumers, but the company also gets high praise for customer service.

The extension pole accessory helps GoPro camera users to shoot photos and videos in hard to reach places and positions. It affords them the opportunity of more freedom and versatility which it would be almost impossible without the assistance of some type of mount or accessory.

The telescopic pole is like a handheld tripod for the GoPro camera.   The poles being reviewed here can be extended and locked to any length between 17 to 40 inches. They are compact and can be transported in backpacks and carry-on luggage. These GoPro extension poles are considered lightweight, durable and easy to use.

Sandmarc Pole – Black Edition Extension Pole #1 Amazon Bestseller

The Sandmarc Pole – Black Edition, boasts durability, being lightweight, and being the slickest aluminum pole. Users can take the most awesome and exciting video and photos with the impressive GoPro camera when surfing, snowboarding, skiing, and while performing other active lifestyle activities. This monopod has an all-aluminum build quality with aluminum locks, mount and screws.


Sandmarc Pole Features

  • Compatibility : Fits all GoPro Hero Cameras
  • Durability : High strength Aluminum Material
  • Waterproof: Water-Resistant & Weatherproof, but does not float; Consumers report product used in fresh and salt water with no problems
  • Unique Feature : Secure Locking Mechanism; Capture 180° Point of View (POV) Shots
  • Extension: Twist locks; extension locks to 40 inches
  • Compact : Retracts 17″, Extends 40″
  • Mount: Tripod Mount
  • Lightweight : 8.5 ounces; Rubber Grip & Adjustable Wrist strap

 What’s In The Box

  • Sandmarc Pole Telescoping Extension Pole with adjustable strap
  • Metal GoPro thumb screw and extra nut for tripod mount


  • Good sturdy feeling pole
  • Lightweight and nice finish
  • Excellent customer service: Example, user wanted to give pole 5 stars if manufacturer would make camera mount titanium than plastic;  User states, “If this plastic breaking mount happens to you, and you can’t put on the titanium mount, they (Sandmarc) did offer to send me a whole new pole. So it is pretty great.”  Another customer stated, “Asked Sandmarc for a refund, (after second plastic mount broke), but their response was that they just wanted to make me happy, so offered a more expensive aluminum mount as a replacement. Excellent, prompt customer service response. Have had no problem with the aluminum mount, so overall this was a great experience.”
  • Twist locks for locking pole while extended are excellent, same as high quality tripod locking system; not like most monopods
  • User states, “Tripod adapter is removable and any small camera that use a 1/4 screw can be attached, also the same 1/4 screw is also a 3/8 screw if you flip it. Yes! This is amazing! What this means is that you can attach light weight cameras or accessories that benefits from a 3/8 screw. For example, you can use this pole as a boom mic. However, I wouldn’t load anything heavier than the weight of GoPro camera.”
  • Seems to be one of the most compact considering it extends to 40″
  • Expansion locks are very well made and easy to grip when using pole in the water
  • Pictures and videos look great because of the clean black finish and logo
  • Grip is the perfect size
  • The rubber handle on the pole is adequate but “if you’ve ever felt the one on the GoPole Reach, it puts this one to shame. The handle on the GoPole is 10x more grippy.”
  • The lanyard on the pole is adequate but something like 550 paracord (Parachute cord) would be more solid and confidence inspiring;  current lanyard looks to be made of “shoelace material”


  • Plastic mounting brace where GoPro is placed may crack or break (Manufacturer cites this as a defective part, will replace upon request)
  • Camera not secure in plastic mount (Company may have changed part to aluminum). If tightened too much, may snap plastic brace (Manufacturer cites this as a defective part, will replace upon request)
  • Used in chlorinated pool, within 30 minutes to an hour Sandmarc logo and blue stripe disappeared
  • Pole may become flooded after use in water, have to unclog it before using again
  • The rubber handle on the pole is adequate but “if you’ve ever felt the one on the GoPole Reach, it puts this one to shame. The handle on the GoPole is 10x more grippy.”
  • The lanyard on the pole is adequate but something like 550 paracord (Parachute cord) would be more solid and confidence inspiring;  current lanyard looks to be made of “shoelace material”

What Did Customers Say?
Most are happy with their Sandmarc  Black Edition Extension Pole with some exceptions which their reasons have been captured in the CONs portion of this post. In every case, customer service reps from Sandmarc read the reviews of users and offered to replace the defective part with the same or an upgraded metal part or provide a new extension pole. There were 75 people who have bought this extension pole, which means 86% of the customers who purchased this monopod, recommended the product. For more customer reviews, please checkout the page HEREOverall, customer ratings for the Sandmarc Black Edition Extension Pole is 4.3.

Sandmarc also offers another extension pole, the Sandmarc Pole – Metal Edition: All-Aluminum 17-40″ Telescoping Extension Pole for GoPro cameras. monopod which is all metal. Although, it has four customer reviews, it is a solid five rating because of its construction, sturdiness, it’s waterproof, lightweight and compact weighing in at 9 ounces. Additionally, it has the aluminum locks, aluminum tripod mount and thumbscrew.sandmarc pole - black edition

That’s A Good Question!

Q: Does it have a 1/4″ tripod screw to mount other cameras (i.e. Sony Action Cam) or is it just the GoPro mount?
A: User states, that it is possible that it can attach to other cameras and not just the GoPro HRO cameras. As long as your camera has a female thread receiver, it will work. Only down side is you won’t be able to tilt/angle your camera, unless you have a pivot bracket of some sort for your Intova camera.

Q: Could this pole (Sandmarc Extension Pole) work for a digital camera other than the GoPro?
A: It needs to have a GoPro mount on whatever digital camera you have or else it will not work.

Q:  Will the Sandmarc Pole float with the backdoor floaty on the GoPro camera?
A: The floaty can only support the weight of the camera not the pole. So it will sink but the floaty will reduce the rate of descent.

Q: Does the Sandmarc Extension Pole float in water?
A: No, but if you attach it to a waterproof camera float, then both camera and pole should float.

Sandmarc Black Edition - 17-40" Extension Pole

My Assessment

I am really impressed with both of the poles functionality. The ability to be able to extend the capabilities of the GoPro camera is really neat, something I haven’t really thought about until I kept seeing information about the extension poles. After viewing videos on how the extension poles allow users to get close to the action, being able to capture unique angles and being able to shoot steady video footage. Users can also shoot subjects with stability and precision or flip the camera around on the swivel head to capture 180 degree POV (Point of view) angles of yourself, in other words, users can take great self portraits without the arm strain.

After reviewing the extension poles, I must say I am drawn to the Sandmarc Pole (See my review of the GoPole Reach) because of it’s functionality, cost and of course, good customer service always helps.  I really liked the locking mechanism of the extension pole and the fact that the exterior finish was black. It seems to go well with the GoPro camera. Although, the Sandmarc pole is a bestseller, I think people wanting to buy this extension pole may notice that it is not in the same product category as the GoPole, but in Underwater Photography Cameras.  So, you may have to do a search for it in order to find it.


The video below reviews the Black Edition Pole from Sandmarc. It allows you to get some truly unique shots with your GoPro, be it from snowboarding, or even your casual vlogging! This thing is compact, strong, sturdy and very reliable.



SandmarcPole BlackEdition

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