Sony TX30 Waterproof Camera Review A fun camera. One that would be great for teenagers. Small and portable, beautiful display. This is a review of the Sony TX30 and most descriptions of this device start out with the design. In this review, we will discuss the features of the TX30, which is an update to the Sony TX20. It is in the top ten bestselling cameras on Amazon. Currently, it is selling for under $200, which is quite a steal since the regular price was $349.99.  It is a slender, slick looking device with some really nice features. Although, it does not have some of the more important ones for consumers such as WiFi, NFC and GPS. Other than that, this is not a bad deal if you don’t have those requirements to be able to enjoy owning this camera.

Any Sony Cybershot TX30 review will talk about the impressive look of the sliding lens protector panel that keeps the lens from getting scratched when not in use. It also serves to turn on the camera if you don’t want to use the on/off button.  It takes 3D pics and records video in full HD. Also, with duel record, users can take pictures while filming and there is also a 360 degree panoramic feature. Auto-focus is fast and the macro mode will focus up to 1 cm from your subject for photos and video.

The 3.3 inch OLED touchscreen is reactive and has a very clear and sharp display.  Additionally, the camera is not only beautiful, but is considered rugged, and great for outdoor sporting activities. It is shockproof from up to 5ft,  freezeproof low as 14 degrees, waterproof at a depth of up to 33ft and also dustproof. 

 Features of the Sony TX30

  • Certified waterproof, dustproof, shockproof and freezeproof
  • 3.3 inch OLED High Resolution touchscreen
  • CMOS sensor and advanced in-camera stabilization
  • 18.2 megapixels
  • LED light eliminates shadows cast from the camera
  • Magnifying Glass Plus mode to capture detailed close ups
  • Full HD video recording  1080/60i video
  • Dual record of stills and movies
  • 5x optical zoom plus 10x Clear Image digital zoom technology
  • Internal Memory: 48 MB
  • Battery Life: 250 shots
  • Dimensions : W x H x D:  2.33 in x 3.8in x .61 in
  • Weight: 4.9 oz.
  • Colors: Black, Pink, Orange, Blue (Manufacturer’s Site)

What’s In The Box

  • Sony TX30
  • Rechargeable Battery Pack
  • AC Adaptor
  • Micro USB cable
  • Wrist Strap
  • Owner’s Manual

Sony TX30 Waterproof Camera Review

Feature Details of the Sony TX30

18.2-megapixel, CMOS sensor  & 3.3 inch OLED Touchscreen Display

This camera comes with 18.2MP that can capture images up to 4896 x 3672 pixels. The expansive 3.3 inch OLED touchscreen display with 1,229K dots produces “ultra-high resolution” video and photos. Also, the CMOS processor reduces graininess in photos for sharper, higher-quality close-ups.  Not only does the display provide such beauty for all to see, but it is also used for framing shots, adjusting camera settings and of course reviewing content with ease.

Users have five brightness levels to choose from and a grid display that provides a clear view for composing and reviewing shots. One surprise about the display is that the touch-screen is so sensitive that water droplets affects functionality! You will have to disable the touch screen before it is placed in the water. Keep in mind that although you can use the OLED touchscreen on land for beautiful pics and videos,  it is can’t be used or viewed while underwater.

5x Optical Zoom/10x Clear Image Zoom & Magnifying Glass Plus Mode

The TX30  has LED lights that assist with close-up macro shooting and also can be used to brighten up your subject in the camera’s Magnifying Glass Plus mode. This mode also allows you to be 1cm away from your subject.  The 5x optical zoom plus 10x Clear Image digital zoom technology are designed to bring users close enough to see all the fine details. Users can zoom in close for active sports, travel and sea life photos.

Dual Recording Mode

Dual Record allows users to shoot video and take pictures simultaneously. The Dual Record function cannot be used for underwater shooting. Also, flash is not available for shooting photos during video recording.

Underwater and Intelligent Sweep Panorama Modes

Intelligent Sweep Panorama mode allows for full 360-degree shots, as well as Underwater Sweep Panorama. In-camera panoramas stitches together multiple photos into a panorama making it easy to capture photos of expansive landscapes.

Rugged Exterior

Most camera reviews describe the TX30 as a stylish, portable design with improved ruggedness features. For example, it can withstand drops from up to 5 ft., temperatures as low as 14°, waterproof depth down to 33ft. and dustproof all for rugged durability. This model is a rugged, slim, slick designed camera with a sharp sense of style. In fact, Sony boasts that it is the thinnest camera on the market. rugged, element-defying camera with a sharp sense of style, and you don’t intend to use it for photographing aquatic life, then the Sony TX30 just may be the model for you.

Multi-Memory Card Slot

In this review it was found that the TX30 had 48MB of internal memory. Consumers can also purchase microSD, microSDHC and Memory Stick Micro (M2) formats (cards not included) for additional storage. Further, this model does not come with WiFi or GPS.

Upgrades For The TX 30 Waterproof Camera

For its 2013 model, Sony included the basic design and slide-down panel from the TX20 from 2012. Some of the specs on the camera has been updated for the 2013 model:

  • Resolution increased to 18.2-megapixel vs 16.2 megapixel in TX20
  • 5x optical zoom lens vs 4x in the TX20
  • Waterproof down to 33 ft rather than the TX20’s 15 ft.
  • New 3.3 inch OLED screen with resolution of 1,229K dots  versus 3.0 inch LCD screen on the TX20
  • Increased internal memory to 48MB from 19 MB in the TX20
  • TX30 also received Sony’s new and improved Superior Auto Mode that assists users in obtaining the right shot by automatically adjusting the camera’s settings for composition and lighting, as well as by adding Picture Effects

Sony TX30 Waterproof Camera ReviewConsumer Reviews For The Sony TX30 Waterproof Camera

Most consumer reviews most often compliment the slick, slim and stylish look of the TX30. Once they get over the look and feel of the camera, they really like video quality. I can attest to that, the ones that I’ve viewed have been very clear and sharp. The sound on them really loud and clear. The picture quality is average. Most consumers like image quality. However, I found that the colors in the photos appear to be slightly washed out and rather dim as far as brightness is concerned.

The other issue that has been consistent is the touchscreen display. Most users really like it because it reminds them of a smartphone. However, people have complained that it can be difficult to snap a pic because your fingers may get into the lens cap because it is so close to the edge of the camera. There are no buttons on the back, physical controls such as shutter-release, on/off button are on the upper right edge of the camera.  Touchscreen controls become deactivated when the camera is underwater or even when the screen is slightly submerged.

The touchscreen will display the scene you’re filming or picture snapping, it’s just that users cannot access any settings or functions.  Water affects the precision and/or receptiveness of the touchscreen. Therefore, in order to change settings, you will have to do so above water. To review more consumer opinions of the TX30, Read More Here

Average Rating is 4.0 for the Sony CyberShot TX30


  •  Large, bright and sharp touch display
  • Great macro shots
  • Slick, small and portable design
  • Quick turn on
  • Beautiful video recordings
  • Robust design (water, temperature, dust and shockproof)
  • Micro USB interface for charging and data exchange
  • Magnifying function with with build-in LED light illumination
  • Overall, an excellent camera for the price


  • Unable to use or view  touchscreen while underwater
  • Slim, slick design makes it difficult to hold onto underwater
  • Poor battery life
  • Lens is located in top left corner, combined with slippery design, makes fingers in images inevitable
  • Touch-sensitive display, leaves no room to safely rest thumbs except on edge of camera; risk accidentally accessing camera functions and grip not secure
  • Display lacks a bit of brightness, may be problem in bright, sunny conditions
  • Onscreen colors not reproduced accurately


On the surface, this is a really nice camera. The features are okay, but need to be updated to what is being offered by the new waterproof cameras 2014 such as WiFi and GPS. I’m afraid this model would appear to be antiquated  as compared to others. I wasn’t impressed with the image quality, but the videos were beautiful, true to life and very clear. After reading the reviews for this camera and also considering consumer reviews, I am not excited about this camera enough to where I would purchase it. I mean looks isn’t everything.

Sony TX30 Waterproof Camera ReviewAccessories

Must Have Accessory Kit For Sony CyberShot TX30

Self-portrait Extendable Telescopic Handheld Pole Arm


The video (8:46) below does a review of the TX30 and outlines the features of the waterproof camera. Reviewer makes a pretty thorough review and also shows the locations of the different buttons and the basic operation of the camera.

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