SVP Aqua 5800This is the SVP Aqua 5800 review. For the record, Aqua is not the color of the camera, but is only indicating it’s waterproof feature. Some consumers found that out the hard way when they received the pink model instead of “aqua” or the blue one.  SVP, stands for Silicon Valley Peripherals which is a company that has been in business for about 10 years and their motto is, “We deliver to our customers performance at a more than responsible price.” They have apparently been manufacturing these camera models for quite awhile to Amazon and eBay resellers.

This is one of the most inexpensive cameras you can purchase other than a disposable waterproof model. Most of the disposable cameras are single use, more economical and are touted as having the same tough features as some of the larger digital camera manufacturers.  Also, picture quality is either poor, average or even above average, but will not be anything close to the same as an entry level waterproof digital camera or the more expensive DSLR cameras.

After taking a look at the SVP 5800, I can understand why consumers are drawn to it. It has about the same features as the more expensive waterproof digital cameras currently on the market. However, this is the first review where I am issuing a warning, buyer beware. I will explain further in the review.  When researching this camera, you may also find two other models other than the Aqua 5800. They are the Aqua 5500 and Aqua WP6800.  There are no significant differences between the three models except for optical sensor and dual or single full color display.

[table id=5 /]SVP Aqua WP6800

The Aqua 5800 has never been referred to as an update of the 5500, it appears to be the same camera as the 5000, but with a different model number for some reason. If you should order this model from Amazon, be careful on which color you choose. If you choose pink or blue you may be paying for the Aqua WP6800, which is a new camera from this manufacturer.  It also is basically the same camera as the 5500, except for the optical sensor, having smaller dimensions and it has only one full color LCD display.

Both devices’ features, dimensions and performance are the same except for the optical sensor which is CMOS for the 5800 and CCD for the 5500. There is one more SVP camera model and that is the Aqua WP6800 which is being advertised as a new version. It also has the same features as the 5800 with the exception of the optical sensor and the fact that it does not have a dual display. It is similar to the 5500 with the exception of the LCD screen which is not a dual display.

All three cameras are considered kid friendly and sport an 18 megapixel resolution (via interpolation) with 4x digital zoom, a dual color display , Waterproof down to a depth of 10 feet (3 meters), shockproof from a distance of 5 feet (1.5 meters) and dustproof. It records video at 30 frames per second in VGA, supports a MicroSD card up to 32GB for media storage and is powered by two AAA alkaline batteries.

Features of the SVP Aqua 5800

Image Resolution: 18MP (4928×3696)
LCD: Dual-LCD displays  2.7 inch rear and  1.8 inch front TFT Full color displays
Video Recording Resolution: [email protected], [email protected]
External Memory Card: Support Micro SD card up to 32GB (memory card sold separately)
File Format Picture: JPEG, VIDEO: AVI
Digital Zoom: Still Image: 4X
Self Timer: 10 sec.
USB Port: USB 2.0
Tough Features: Waterproof to 10 feet, shockproof from 5 feet and dustproof
Power Source: 2 AAA alkaline or Ni-MH Batteries
Dimensions:3.8 x 2.4 x 1 inches
Weight: .73 lbs.
Colors: Black, Blue, Orange and Pink

What’s In The Box

  • Waterproof Aqua-5800 Digital Camera
  • Wrist Strap
  • Camera Pouch
  • 2 AAA Batteries
  • USB Cables
  • Quick Guide &  1 Year Limited Warranty

SVP Aqua 5800

Feature Descriptions

18.0 MP Sensor

The camera has a 18 MP CMOS optical sensor display with with a 8.5mm lens.  The manufacturer points out that the 18MP is created through interpolation. This means that software is used to make pixels larger which may result in images being “blocky.”  One user commented that you should expect 3 to 5 megapixels image quality from SVP cameras.  So, for example when purchasing a n 18MP camera, and the word interpolated is next to image quality, understand it means images will be digitally enlarged using camera software.

Dual color display with 4x digital zoom

Dual color screens with 4x electronic zoom, a 2.7 inch LCD display in the back of the camera and 1.8 inch full color display in front. Turn the camera around and utilize the front 1.8 inch display to make self portraits. The 1.8″ monitor on the front of the camera is large enough for users to see themselves before the self shot is taken.  The 2.7 display on the back of the camera provides an easy way of lining up shots and also viewing them afterwards.

Waterproof and Tough Features

Waterproof down to a depth of 10 feet (3 meters), shockproof from a distance of 5 feet (1.5 meters) and dustproof. The compact SVP 5800 is a fun camera that is rugged and can hold up underwater, in ice and snow.

VGA Video

It records video at 30 frames per second in VGA.


The SVP 5800 supports a MicroSD card up to 32GB for media storage and is powered by two AAA alkaline batteries. The camera does not have any internal memory which means you will need the MicroSD card in order to take photos and video.

Consumer Reviews

The SVP 5800/5500 is a mediocre camera at best. It does what it is supposed to do. You will see reviews where consumers rate the camera as producing excellent images and videos. This may be true for them, but negative reviews almost outnumber the positive. If you don’t count the four and three star ratings. In fact, this review by an owner sums up the performance and features of the SVP 5800 better than I can write about it. I have revised it for readability.

I do truly like this camera. The pictures come out nice, it’s very easy to use, very portable and I LOVE that it is waterproof. I float on my raft and I am able to snap pics of the kids in the pool. I submerge it completely without worry or trouble. The instruction manual was a bit too basic (It should have explained what the functions are for, not just how to get to them). Also, adding a peek hole style view finder would have been wise because relying on the LCD screens can be a real challenge in the sunlight due to the glare. There are times I cannot see the screens at all or know what I am looking at at due to the glare from the sun (to the point I am unsure if the camera is even on).

A view finder would solve the issue with glare, as well as cutting down on battery use (the screens can suck a lot of power).  But, even still, I like the camera. I had thought both screens could be used at one time (making it possible for the person I am photographing to see what I see as well), but that isn’t the case. It’s one or the other. There is a button on top that allows you to toggle between the two screens.

Read what consumers think about the SVP 5800/5500 by clicking here.

Average Consumer Rating 3.0 out of 5

 SVP Aqua 5800PROs

  • Good camera for the price
  • Takes decent photos; pictures taken out of water are sharp and clear
  • Great gifts for kids
  • Compact, lightweight and portable
  • USB cable included to interface with computer
  • Will fit standard tripod
  • Has a 10 second timer; blinks a red light on the front that blinks faster as time runs out and also makes a beeping sound that gets faster as well
  • Compatible with Micro SD card ONLY
  • Less expensive than buying disposable underwater cameras


  • Only VGA video
  • Not a great camera, but takes fun underwater pictures
  • Slight glare, just change angle of view
  • Tricky opening of battery door; small lever on bottom of camera, push upwards while simultaneously pushing battery door to the right
  • Definitely get lithium batteries only
  • Can’t see LCD display screen underwater
  • Poor picture quality
  • Images are very blurry
  • Batteries die very, VERY quickly; used rechargeable batteries, they seem to die even faster
  • The flash takes A LOT OF TIME to recharge
  • Manufacturer difficult to contact in case of issues with camera
  • Power button is in wrong position; port for USB when opened covers up power button


CowboyStudio Pink Foam Floating Camera Wrist Strap for UnderWater/WaterProof Cameras – Pink


This camera does have it’s problems, but not to the point where I could not recommend it. The fact that it is waterproof and also has other rugged features makes this a good buy for those who are not willing to pay over $100 for the more popular waterproof digital cameras. Most users agreed picture quality was from great and crystal clear to blurry. However, the good outweighed the bad as far as performance and functionality.  The other plus for the SVP 5800/5500 is the dual screens. As one reviewer stated you can use it like a regular camera by viewing your subjects through the rear display screen or you can push a button on the top of the camera and use the front of the camera to take self-portraits.

It appears that most buyers do not have a problem with the photo and video quality of the SVP 5800/5500 because for the price you get a pretty good return on your money. The problem appears to be with battery life. It seems as though the best battery for this model is lithium batteries and most people suggest you keep some spares with you  because the display eats up batteries pretty quickly.

One reviewer stated the camera managed around 30-40 photos on one set of Rayovac batteries and ended up going through eight packages of AAA batteries. One thing that is annoying about dead batteries is that when the batteries die, you will have to re-adjust the date, if not photos will be date stamped to the default, January 1, 2012.  The flash takes a lot of time to recharge and it is another culprit that drains the battery quickly.  Every time you turn the camera on the flash is off by default, you have to turn it on which may be a way to save the batteries.

The SVP has an 18-megapixel max. resolution, Dual-LCD underwater digital camera, which offers a 1.8″ front-mounted LCD panel in addition to its more conventional 2.7″ rear screen. Dustproof, shock-resistant to 1.5m and waterproof down to a depth of 3m, the SVP AQUA-5800 features a equivalent fixed-focal-length lens with a bright f/2.8 aperture and is an attractively priced digital camera that is immediately ready for action. It is ready to go everywhere and is suitable for all outdoor activities. Because of it’s compact portability and easy handling it is especially well suited for children. It has some colorful eye catching colors which makes the camera hard to lose on land, but with the addition of a float strap the same holds true when in water.

Note: The SPV Aqua 5800 and 5500 are virtually the same camera. Both have dual LCD displays and the same features. The SPV Aqua WP6800 has the same features also, but the difference between this model and the previous models is the fact it has a singe full color LCD display screen.

SVP Aqua 5800


In this video, the SVP Aqua 5800 is being reviewed. It features a compact and portable body with some good features that allows users to save their special memories in video or photo. It is easy to use for casual shooting and outdoor adventures whether on land or underwater. Checkout the SVP 5800 underwater digital camera video below.

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